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Call Delegation - Overview | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article outlines the Bridge Call Appearance feature available to RingCentral Premium and Ultimate accounts which will be available on January 2019. Call Delegation enables administrators to assign delegates (assistants) who can answer and make calls on their behalf.

Call Delegation - Overview | RingCentral

Bridge Call Appearance will be available to RingCentral Premium and Ultimate Accounts on January 2019. In the meantime, you can read the functionality and requirements to use Call Delegation.

On this article:
Availability and Requirements
Use Case Scenarios
How to assign Assistant/Delegates

Availability and Requirements

• RingCentral Phone App for Desktop is recommended for complete feature functionality. Both Assistant and Executive must have the RingCentral Phone App.

RingCentral Phone for Mac - Installing
RingCentral Phone for Windows - Installing

• Account must have Presence, Conference, and HUD service enabled. Both Assistant and Executive must have these features enabled. 

Presence - User: Configure Settings | RingCentral
RingCentral Phone - Head-Up Display (HUD) | Enable and Set up
RingCentral Phone Desktop - Audio Conference Overview

• Users assigned as Assistants/ Delegates must have at least User Admin level role. User management permissions are required to modify delegates/assistants for other users. For more information, go to User Roles and Permissions - Permissions | RingCentral.



Assistants can ONLY use RingCentral Phone App for Desktop for delegation scenarios supported - Assistants cannot use desk phone to make a call on behalf of the Executive.
• Executives can use Desk phone with limited functionality - Executives can use the desk phone to join delegated calls via conferencing or Park locations.
• Executive cannot be assigned as assistant - When a user has assistants assigned, that user cannot be assigned as an assistant to other users.
• Executive and Assistant cannot be in Call Queues - A user must not be part of any Call Queue or Group to prevent conflicts with the group's call handling configurations.


Use Case Scenarios

Listed here are the common use cases for Call Delegation.



Assistant calls on behalf of Executive

RingCentral Phone App for Desktop via HUD or dial pad

Assistant answers calls on behalf of Executive

RingCentral Phone App via Incoming Call screen

Executive picks up delegated call put on hold by Assistant

RingCentral Phone App for Desktop via HUD or Calls list
(Assistant needs to place it to Park Location in order for Executive to pick up via desk phone)

Assistant picks up Executive's Call

RingCentral Phone App for Desktop via HUD or Calls list

Assistant starts conference call for Executive's Active Call (Barge-In)

RingCentral Phone App for Desktop via HUD or Calls list


How to assign Assistants / Delegates

Admins may assign assistants for others.

1. Go to Users > User list.

2. Select the User who needs to have assistants assigned

3. On the User page, Go to Phones & NumbersPhones tab.

4. Click Delegates.

5. On the list of users, check the box beside the users you want to assign as assistants then click Save.
(You may assign up to 10 delegates)

NOTE: An assistant can only be assigned to a maximum of 10 executives.

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