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Troubleshooting Call Delay Issue with Australia RingCentral Contact Center

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SummaryRingCentral Contact Center customers with phones located in Australia may encounter call delay issues which are outside packet loss, jitter and delay issues.

Troubleshooting Call Delay Issue with Australia RingCentral Contact Center

When encountering call delay, check if the QoS issues are caused by network issues:

Check if your system passes the requirements:
RingCentral Contact Center Platform Requirements

Use this tool to isolate the QoS issue:
Troubleshooting QoS Issues with the PingPlotter Tool

Another possible cause of the call delay is due to the phones registering to the Singapore DC when Australian Contact Center Agent Pattern was set to use a United States Contact Center Agent Pattern. This causes approximately 3 seconds of delay in the call.

To resolve the delay, change your Agent Pattern from US to APAC Agent Dial string. 

Global Prefix Pattern:

GlobalPrefixRange CountryCode MainNumber * EXT
Agent PatternEUUSAPAC
TAS bypass999801999701999901
TAS engage999802999702999902

User Assigns Agent Pattern to Own User Profile

1. User hovers over the left panel then clicks the Name.
2. User clicks Edit then select the Pattern under Default Dialing.  

User-added image

Global Prefix Routing on Studio Script 

​• Common case is a hunt group on the RC sideThe call is coming to contact center and option 3 directs to hunt group.  The call is redirected to RC using TAS Engage pseudonumber.

User-added image
​• Another example in this script, BEGIN triggers the HOURS action. If the Hours of Operation profile settings show the contact center to be open, the call will be delivered to an agent. If the contact center is closed or on holiday, BLINDXFER will route the call to 999702441970629143*8030  (set in the BLINDXFER properties) to be transferred to a RingCentral Extension.

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