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RingCentral Contact Center New Features 18.2 Release

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SummaryRingCentral Contact Center 18.2 Release includes new features for different Contact Center services including: CLOUD STORAGE, CUSTOMER CHAT INTERFACE, CXONE QM ENTERPRISE, CXONE WFM ENTERPRISE, REPORTING, CXONE FEEDBACK MANAGEMENT (FM). Also included in the 18.2 release are fixed issues, for more information on the 18.2 Release fixed issues, go to:

RingCentral Contact Center New Features 18.2 Release

After your business unit has been updated, MAX users must clear their browser cache and cookies before using MAX for the first time. Otherwise, MAXmay not function correctly. If you are unsure how to do this, perform an Internet search for keyword clear cache  (for example, clear cache Internet Explorer).

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New Product Introduction



Delete Files from Secure External Access (SEA) S3 Bucket

You can use an FTP client, script, or cron job to delete files from your SEA bucket before the default automatic deletion, which is after 30 days.

'Or' Functionality Added to Copy and Move to SEA Option

When you configure active storage rules, you cannot select both the Move to Secure External Access and Copy to External Access options. Selecting one disables the other.



Pop Out and Re-embed Chat

Contacts that are active on an embedded chat can pop out their chat into its own browser window and re-dock it, as needed.

Active Chat Session When Contact Navigates Away from the Page

The Customer Chat Interface attempts to maintain active chat sessions when contacts active on an embedded chat navigate away from the page. If a contact opens another page that also contains the embedded chat JavaScript in an additional browser tab, the chat can follow the contact to the new tab.



CXone QM Enterprise Upgrade

The newest version of CXone QM Enterprise includes support for:
• Language packs (EMEA only — includes German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English)
• Litigation holds
• Native Live Monitoring
• Additional live monitor audio and screen playback channels across tenants
• Additional historical audio and screen playback channels across tenants

CXone QM Enterprise in Australia

CXone QM Enterprise is available for Amazon Web Services implementation in Australia.



User Sync Updates

Any user sync issues can be fixed within Central or CXone WFM Enterprise/CXone QM Enterprise and should not require manual database manipulation.

Moving Reactivated Agents

A previously deactivated agent that was set to MU2 in CXone WFM Enterprise is now reset to MU1 upon reactivation within Central. This eliminates the need to manually search for and move agents.

CXone WFM Enterprise Deployment in EMEA and Australia

CXone WFM Enterprise is now available for use in these regions using Amazon Web Services.

Historical Manual Outbound in CXone WFM Enterprise

Historical Manual Outbound data is now available for forecasting and scheduling.


Terminate Agent Option in the Active Agents Report

The Active Agents Report now includes a terminate button that allows users with correct permissions to select an agent from the report list and force them to log out. This feature should be used in the event that the clear agent action does not log the agent out.

Attributes in Custom Reporting Reflect Changes

If an attribute name in custom reporting is changed by the user, the custom reporting values dynamically update to reflect those changes.

Display the Agent ID Attribute in the Agent List

The corresponding Agent ID follows the Agent Name in the agent list. This allows for differentiation between agents with the same names.

Cloud Storage Selector in the Billing Report

The Disk Usage Billing Report in pre-built reports has an additional section displaying cloud storage metrics for customers with this option enabled.

SMS Transcripts Option in the Enhanced Contact History Report

The Contact History Report contains the option for a user to view and download SMS transcripts.

Queuing Reports in the Custom Report Scheduler

Up to twelve scheduled custom reports can be queued up at any given time. As finished reports drop out of the queue, new requests are added to the queue. This allows requested reports to process without timing out.

Limit Contact List Widget to Twenty Thousand Entries

To enhance the performance for most users, the Contact List Widget has been limited to 20,000 rows of data.



New Product Introduction

FM helps users fully consider customer feedback in evaluating their journey with an organization, and use this data to effectively drive customer loyalty. Using patented Net Promoter Score (NPS) technology for benchmarking, combined with speech-to-text and built-in analytics applied to survey comments, users can review feedback and sentiment in both verbal (recorded) and written formats.

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