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RingCentral Contact Center Fixed Issues 18.2 Release

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SummaryRingCentral Contact Center 18.2 Release includes fixes for known issues in the following services: AGENT FOR SALESFORCE, API, CENTRAL, CUSTOMER CHAT INTERFACE, OMNICHANNEL SESSION HANDLING, MAX, NICE QUALITY MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISE, REPORTING, PERSONAL CONNECTION, STUDIO, THIN AGENT, WORKFORCE INTELLIGENCE. Also included in the 18.2 release are new features, for more information on the 18.2 New Features, go to:

RingCentral Contact Center Fixed Issues 18.2 Release



• Agents were unable to add more than two numbers to a conference call (ID IC-9947).
• The Agent for Salesforce Settings login page continually refreshed, preventing users from entering their username and password (ID IC-22742).
• When an agent received an incoming dialer contact or inbound consult request from another agent, intermittently that agent would not receive the pop-up box for the contact (ID IC-28482 & ID-IC 30920).
• Under certain conditions, agents were unable to log in to their Salesforce Agent when using Internet Explorer 11 (ID IC-24945).
• Agent for Salesforce disregarded the duration configured in the Studio Message action for the marquee. Regardless of what the time was set at, the marquee disappeared after one minute (ID-IC 29546).
• In the lightning console navigation view, a new contact screen pop was being delivered every 30 seconds (ID-IC 32042).
• The URL path to online help within Agent for Salesforce was broken (ID-IC 31848).
• Using the lightning console navigation view, agents would have to manually click the pop out icon to view consult requests beyond the first request of the session (ID-IC 29065).



• Emails marked as SPAM were causing Agent to be stuck in a Working state (ID IC-8353).
• GET /lists/call-lists/{listId} API was taking a long time to download calling list, potentially timing out after 15 minutes (ID IC-8796).
• When the Get Skill Activity framework API was used, sometimes the system would return an error (ID IC-23284).
• When trying to update agent skill proficiency via API, the system returned a 200 response but did not actually change the proficiency within Central (ID IC-25028).
• Skill_GetList call returned a blank list with an internal error (ID IC-31275).
• If API call ADMIN API /agents was run within a few hours of the previous execution, no change showed in the "totalRecords" even if user profiles were changed, added, or deactivated during that time (ID IC-31413).



• Agents were getting logged out of Central before the specified business unit timeout (ID IC-25522).



• The drop-down menu in the customer chat interface on the customer side was showing as blank (ID IC-30909).


• Contacts routed to an agent when the agent was simultaneously logging out were not requeued (ID IC-28492).
• Some chat contacts were repeatedly marked as refused without actually being offered to an agent (ID IC-28823).
• On occasion, available agents could not receive routed chat or email contacts without first putting themselves in an unavailable state and then immediately returning to an available state (ID IC-28636).



• When agents inserted a quick reply with an image into an email, the email contact did not receive the image (ID IC-27324).
• Transferring a work item would sometimes fail and the work item would become lost (ID IC-27102).
• MAX with integrated softphone could load before its WebRTC, resulting in call refusals (ID IC-31763).
• Agents were sometimes unable to disposition a contact without first refreshing MAX (ID IC-30667).
• Agents could not type in the Notes text area when dispositioning a contact (ID IC-31410).
• When a Studio script included multiple RunApp actions, MAX would not handle all of them, sometimes resulting in failed screen pops (ID IC-29457).
• In Personal Connection skills, screen pops configured to launch on connection were launching when no answer occurred (ID IC-27424).
• When an agent had more than one email parked and tried to open one, the Unpark Email (Work Now) button was unavailable (ID IC-25753).
• If a script for a Personal Connection skill had a screen open when a call began and then closed the screen when the call was released, and the dialing ratio was higher than 1:1, the screen would close unexpectedly (ID IC-23189).
• In an Omnichannel Session Handling environment, when an outbound call was initiated from a work item, no dial pad was available to select IVR options (ID IC-30322).
• To view old marquee messages from the Messages window in MAX, agents would have to click the Messages button multiple times (ID IC-31583).
• Sometimes agents replying to emails were unable to highlight text and delete it; they had to delete the text one character at a time (ID IC-27453).
• When a Studio script PAGE action opened a panel in MAX, MAX displayed the word 'Page' instead of the URL (ID IC-26649).
• When an agent refused a commitment, the window containing the commitment information would not close until the agent refreshed MAX(ID IC-30139).
• Agents using 4:3 monitors could not see the body of an email with the quick replies pane open (ID IC-21890).
• Skill transfers from non-U.S.-based agents to U.S.-based agents were not always transferred successfully (ID IC-31142).



• Configuring KPIs for a business unit would generate an unknown error and halt the setup (ID 870489).
• Evaluations could not be deleted if they were created by evaluating an agent manually using the Evaluate Agent button (the "guy in the tie") or from the right-click menu (ID 847450).
• Users configuring parameters for KPI-based reports experienced errors that would interrupt the process, which resulted in the Assigned Packages Report showing no data (ID 859289).


• Customers using cloud storage services experienced errors when retrieving call recordings using the Contact History Report (ID IC-28334).
• The data download report, Call Detail Comp with Hold, recorded a zero abandon time for all calls (ID IC-28481).
• With the validation feature enabled, generating a cURL report for an inactive user was still allowed without authentication (ID IC-9301).
• When retrieving a large amount of data using the Agent Timecard Report, the report would timeout and return an error (ID IC-21022).
• When a scheduled data download report was run with a custom date range, the report contained no data (ID IC-30317).



• When Deliver Numbers Serially was enabled and the record had more than one destination, if the first destination was finalized using a preview disposition, the second destination was not being finalized and was immediately attempted (ID IC-30755).
• When certain calling lists were selected, they would load for a period of time before giving a platform error (ID IC-31127).
• When using a 2:1 calling ratio, sometimes screen pops for both calls would appear to the intended agent before the second call moved to the next available agent (ID IC-21924).
• Records that were dispositioned as final were not always finalizing (ID IC-27268).
• Calling lists could get stuck in processing and users were unable to clear them out (ID IC-24022).
• Dialer calls were sometimes routed to an agent while they were on an inbound call (ID IC-22086).
• When a blended skill was set to Dial Outside inContact Network in the Compliance Required Delivery Mode and the calling list was set to Compliance Required, agents using this blended skill would be set to the default Unavailable state after one or two calls (ID IC-25008).
• Calling lists could not be uploaded if they contained numbers that were also in another DNC list (ID IC-21240).
• Sometimes, when a user would try to download a Do Not Call (DNC) list or calling list, rather than downloading the file, it would eventually give a "Bad Request" error (ID IC-27322 & IC-22180).



• When two PAGE actions were used in the same script, the second action took an abnormally long time to load. (ID IC-25314).
• Opening a large script could cause the application to time out (ID IC-31307) .



• Breaks on the Thin Agent Productivity tab showed a discrepancy vs. actual breaks taken by the agents. For example, the agent took his break today but the break will show on agent's Productivity tab the next day (ID IC-28826).
• Voicemails did not always start playing when delivered to an agent; the agent had to manually press play. When finished and the agent moved to wrap up, they had to manually make themselves available again. The first voicemail delivered after logging in played automatically, but all subsequent messages needed to be manually started (ID IC-23376).
• Customers using carrier assurance routing intermittently had a contact not delivered with the reason as refused instead of using route advancing to redeliver the contact (ID IC-7553).


• Weekly rules intermittently stopped working. (ID IC-27221).

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