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SummaryThis article describes the Audit Trail feature and the steps to access Audit Trail. Click on the links for steps to use the Audit Trail for specific usage scenarios.

Available to all RingCentral Office accounts, Administrators now have the ability to track the changes on the account. Go to the Audit Trail page and check changes made to the account and generate the report with filter options. You have the option to download the data recorded by the Audit Trail feature.

• Super Admin or Billing Admin Role is required to access Audit Trail.

• Audit Trail is enabled for all RingCentral Office accounts by default. Contact support to disable this feature.


• IVR changes made using the XML Editor and Visual IVR Editor are not currently tracked by Audit Trail


How to view Audit Trail?

1. Log In to your RingCentral Account as an Administrator.
2. Go to Tools > Audit Trail.

tools > audit trail

3. On the Audit Trail Page you can filter the information by: Date / Time (up to the last 90 days).

• Click More to view other filter options: Change by, Change to, and Items Affected

• Click Apply to filter the audit trail with your specified parameters.

• Click Reset to set filters to default.

NOTE: Data is stored for a maximum of 90 days.

audit trail


Captured data include:

System Events: Login Success/Failed & Locked accounts (across RingCentral clients and Integrations)

NOTE: Successful logins are tracked as a workaround to tracking changes not yet on the list. If the information you need is not yet tracked on the Audit Trail, you can just check the latest successful login to match with the changes you are trying to track.


Phone System:

• Company Info: Company Address, Directory Assistance, CallerID

• Phone Numbers: Company, Assigned

• Auto-Receptionist: General Settings, IVR Menus* (IVR changes made using the XML Editor and Visual IVR Editor are not currently tracked by Audit Trail)

• Phones & Devices: User Phones, Common Area Phones, Paging Devices, Shared Lines

Call Queues

• Add, update, rename, delete Call Queue

• Extension detail changes 

• Call handling settings 

• Greetings

• Message settings 

• Notification settings

• Changes made to hours

• Overflow setting changes

• Custom answering rule settings 



• User List: Users with extensions

• Roles: Roles

• RingCentral App Admin Settings

• Administrators

• Unified Application Administrators added or removed (First Last, Ext.)

• Company Settings: 

• Enable telephone service (on/off)

• Allow employees to add people (on/off)

• File sharing (service, on/off) e.g. Google Drive on/off, Evernote on/off, etc.

• Allow Giphy sharing (max rating) e.g. Max rating of PG-13

• Data retention:

• Policy set to 90 days

• Compliance exports:

• Exports (on/off)

• Request/download export enabled/disabled for UserName

• Download requested by Name/eMail

4. Data will be displayed on the table based on the filters applied. Click Download to download the Audit Trail data.

Download Audit Trail

Date/time - changes are logged using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and are displayed based on logged-in user’s regional timezone setting

• Change made by - person who made the change

• Role* - permission level of person who made the change

• Change made to -  indicates which item was changed

• Item affected - indicates the configuration that was changed

• Change details - description of change

• Endpoint* - application name

• IP Address* - application IP address

* Indicates fields only available in the log download file (csv format)

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