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SummaryRingCentral Rooms allow Administrators and Users with administrative access to use Digital Signage feature to display images or URLs while a meeting is not in progress. Follow the steps below to configure this feature


How to set up Digital Signage for RingCentral Rooms

1. Go to Tools > Meetings > RingCentral Rooms.

2. Click on the Digital Signage Content, and then click Add Content.

3. You can Add Content via My Computer or URL.
i. Click My Computer > Choose Files to upload an image (image must follow these parameters): 

• JPG/JPEG or 24-bit PNG 1920px by 1080px recommended
• Minimum width or height is 540px and cannot exceed 1920px
• Image maximum size is 5 MB

ii: Click URL > Add URL > Add to add URLs that you can choose to display on a list or as thumbnails.

4. Add the Digital Signage Content to your desired Room. 

Go to the Rooms tab, and click Edit on the Room that you want to add the Digital Signage Content.

rooms - digital signage edit

5. Click Display Content, and then click Add Content.

rc rooms - digital signage - add content

6. Click Content Library, and select the images you want to display on digital signage. 

• It is recommended to add at least two (2) images to avoid screen burn in. 
• You can also add Digital Signage Content from My Computer or URL on this step.

7. Once these are added, you can manage the Digital Signage.

rc rooms - digital signage - manage

• Make sure the Digital Signage Status toggle button is turned ON.  
• On the Content List section: You sill the added images as your added content. Click the More (ellipsis) to rename, change hierarchy of the content list or remove the image.
• Under Schedule: Click the Pencil icon to edit the duration for how long each image will display on the screen here. 
• Under Display Elements: Tick the check box if you want to display the Room Name, Time or Sharing Key on the Splash Screen.

8. Click Save Changes to confirm. 
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