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RingCentral Meetings - Upcoming Meeting Pop-up Notifications

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SummaryYou can enable upcoming meetings in your RingCentral Meetings for Desktop before your scheduled meeting. This article provides information about the upcoming meeting pop-up in RingCentral Meetings.


RingCentral Meetings - Upcoming Meeting Pop-up Notifications

You can enable upcoming meetings notifications on your RingCentral Meetings. A dialog will appear that will ask you whether to join the scheduled meeting, or start a new meeting. The notification is also more prominent and opens even if your calendar app is closed, so you don’t miss your meetings.


How to enable

• Go to Settings > General > and tick the Remind me checkbox to enable.
• Click the arrow up or down buttons to toggle how many minutes the notification will remind you before your upcoming meeting.

meetings general - upcoming meeting


How it works when enabled

• The upcoming meeting pop up at the bottom-right or upper-right corner of your computer screen when enabled.
• Click Start to start the meeting.

meetings upcoming meeting

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