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RingCentral App (Glip) - Preview Documents

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SummaryRingCentral App (Glip) generate previews for PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and text files that have been uploaded. This saves your time when you just want to quickly review the contents of a file.


RingCentral App (Glip) - Preview Documents

You'll know that a preview is available for a file by the presence of a preview image right in the stream.

glip Doc Preview

NOTE: It may take a little while for the preview to be generated for longer files or those with lots of images.

Once the preview has been generated, click on the image to open up the Document Viewer.

glip DocViewer

Use the Left/Right arrows at the lower left corner or simply scroll through all the pages of the document. Buttons at the lower right corner allow you to perform the following actions:

Upload a new version
Download the original image
View the original post in the conversation stream
Share to another conversation
Move to another conversation
Edit the filename

As with other content types on RingCentral App, you can add replies right inside documents that have been shared. Just click anywhere inside the document to add a reply.

glip Doc Comment

The pins in the document represent previous replies. Just click on a pin to see the replies. If there are any incomplete tasks associated with a given pin, the icon in the pin will be an unchecked task box. When all of the tasks associated with a pin are completed, the icon changes to a checked task box.

As with all messages posted to RingCentral App, the replies appear right in the conversation stream, with a reference to the file itself.

glip DocPrevTask

Click on the Doc Previews.pptx link and it will open the file in the Document Viewer with the pin corresponding to this reply already selected.

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