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Deskphones - Polycom VVX Series | Scheduled Firmware Update

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SummaryPolycom VVX Series | Firmware Update from old firmware version

Polycom VVX Series | Firmware Update


Firmware version

Polycom ModelOld FirmwareNew Firmware
VVX Series5.4.2.67225.6.0.2009

A firmware upgrade for Polycom VVX phones will be rolled out from July 19 to July 25, 2018, during scheduled maintenance windows (11pm to 3am Pacific time). The account administrator will receive an email from RingCentral informing them the specific schedule within these dates.

NOTE: Phone services may be affected during the maintenance window. If a user is on the phone at this time, the call may get disconnected.

During the scheduled firmware update, whenever a user reboots their Polycom VVX phone, or when the phone loses connectivity, it will re-register with the RingCentral servers, and then download and install the new firmware.

Phone stuck in rebooting after losing power

- This is due to the firmware upgrade. Please do not interrupt the upgrade process. 
- It is important to allow the firmware upgrade process to complete. Unplugging the phone will interrupt it while it is in progress.
- The update process may take up to 30 minutes, depending on network speed and availability.

NOTE: This will only occur when the Polycom VVX phone is rebooted/lose power, and it is running in the older firmware version.

Identifying the phone's firmware version

Please check Menu > Settings > Status > Platform > Application > Main 

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