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RingCentral Contact Center New Features and Enhancements 18.5 Release

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SummaryThis article describes the New features and enhancements for RingCentral Contact Center 18.3 Release

RingCentral Contact Center New Features and Enhancements 18.5 Release

RingCentral Contact Center adds new and enhanced features for the 18.5 release. Click on the links below to jump to the topic:




Preferred Workspace Size Settings
Agents will be able to resize and set a preferred width for MAX and each MAX workspace; for example, an agent could set a different width for the phone workspace versus the email workspace. As the agent works, MAX resizes each workspace to the width previously set by the agent.
Conference Call Masking
Agents will be able use the mask tool during a conference call to exclude portions of the call from the recorded audio. 
MAX Version Testing
With major new releases, will be able to assign the new version of MAX to a business unit or to individual agents for testing before deploying it organization-wide. The version test period will be limited to about four weeks each release.



Early Adopter program for Central Administrative Interface Reskinning
A version of the new UI will be available for select customers who wish to try it. In late September the new UI will be available for a broader audience and all customers will be migrated to the new UI in the first half of 2019.
Email Domain Administration for Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)
A new tool will allow you to list your email domains to generate an SES key for each one, which is required for the Amazon validation process.



Enterprise Scalability
Supervisor will be able to handle the higher volume demands of large contact centers, which will also make the application available to Enterprise customers.
Skill Proficiency Update
Supervisors will be able to change an agent's skill proficiency by using a slider bar. The range will be 1-20, providing supervisors with a more granular level of control over skill proficiencies.


Ability to Turn Off Transcript Recording
A new Studio action will introduce the option to not record a chat transcript.



Reporting Menu Changes
The Custom Reporting menu item will be renamed to ACD Custom Reporting and the Data Download menu item to ACD Data Download. The Reporting Navigation bar will be restyled with a modern look and feel.
Chat Contact End Reason Column
The Contact Detail report will include the contact end reason metric for chat contacts. This column indicates which party closed the chat window and the options include Agent, Patron, and System Timeout.




Improved Wallboards (BETA)
Wallboard admins will have access to two new slide types.
Leader Boards will be able to show animations and pictures of the top five agents for the main metric displayed, also with an enhanced stack-view ranking.

Super Roles
All roles will be tied to a super role to increase security and messaging to the right groups. Super droles will enable a smoother roll-out of new features.

Coaching Enhancements
User will be able to interact with coaching modules, making it easier to access coaching functionality from the module interface.

Module Preview Feature
Improved interface design will make the Modules Dashboard more user-friendly, with a Favorite Modules section, pop-up information while hovering over modules, and category organization.

Subscription Administrator
A new subscription administrator role will enable a user with that role to manage all subscriptions for an entire company by viewing-all, editing, and deleting. 

Integration-CXOne QM Pro
Customers with a QM Pro application will be able to see QM Pro metrics via inView.
Integration-CXOne WFM Pro
Customers with a WFM Pro application will be able to see WFM Pro metrics via inView.
Rebuild WFM Enterprise Integration
The rebuild will provide a cleaner, more efficient integration with inView – particularly when pulling historical data.



Changes to API Settings
Users will be able to use the newly created skill API to update Personal Connection Parameter settings, except for time zone, retry, and cadence settings. 



End of Contact Sentiment Detection
Users will be able to determine what a customer’s sentiment is at the end of an interaction with an agent. 
Ability to Determine what Triggered and Annotation
Users will be able to understand what is driving sentiment, categorization, and entity detection. Text that caused the contact to match for a particular category, sentiment, or entity will be highlighted.
User Interface and Navigation Updates
The appearance of the UI and some navigation will be updated to align with CXone.

Specific Entity Types to Display in Bubble Chart
Users will be able to customize the types of insights they will see in their bubble charts, giving them improved ability to understand sentiment around critical areas.

Workspace Updates
Dashboards will be known as workspaces. Workflows related to editing workspaces and workspace templates have been changed.



Support for Instagram
Agents will be able to handle Instagram comments. 
Support for Viber
Agents will be able to handle Viber private messages.

Integrated Emoji Menu
Agents will have access to an integrated emoji menu featuring standard social media emojis. When clicked, the emojis will insert themselves into the agents' messages.

Support for Images
Agents will be able to receive and upload images when using qualifying social media networks and activity types.

Public to Private Conversation Migration
Agents will be able to send a private or direct message to a contact while handling a public inbound activity.

Dynamic Interface - Conversation App
When inbound activities are routed to an agent, the app will display within the MAX contact panel and fit to the width.

Conversation Transcript Quick Copy
Agents will be able to copy a full transcript of a conversation for pasting.

Enhanced User Management Interface
Administrators will be able to add users, modify existing users, and remove inactive users.

Scheduled Reporting
Administrators will be able to schedule reports for distribution via Email.

Scheduled Posts and Tweets
Administrators will be able to schedule tweets or Facebook posts from their authenticated accounts.
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