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RingCentral App - Navigation

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SummaryNavigating RingCentral App via glip.com or via its Desktop app is made easy with the updated interface. The Search bar functionality gives you more ability when searching specific items company-wide or in specific conversations. RingCentral App productivity tools are now strategically located for quick accessibility. See below to learn more.  


RingCentral App - Navigation


RingCentral App Search bar  

Searching for any items in RingCentral App gives you more ability to filter and locate what you are looking for. Simply enter a keyword or key-phrase in the Search bar and optimized results will be suggested for you to choose.

Click Show More to launch options where you can filter Show all or specific results, Type and Time.

glip top bar


RingCentral App Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools are located at the bottom of the left pane. 

glip tools

• Dashboard - Click to see your weekly Calendar schedule, Tasks and recent @mentions.
• Tasks - Click to see your assigned tasks. See RingCentral App - Tasks app overview to learn more.
• Calendar - Click to see your own Calendar or company-wide schedules. See RingCentral App - Calendar App Overview to learn more.
• Files - Click to see shared files. See RingCentral App - Search for Files.
• More actions - This button may appear when the web browser or the desktop app screen is scaled to a smaller view. Click to launch other apps: Links, Notes, and Integrations.

You can also modify how the Left Pane to look like according to your preferred view. See RingCentral App - Left Pane to learn more.


Global action with the Plus button

Click the Plus (+) button beside your Profile Picture to expand quick actions:

glip plus button

• Start Phone Call - Call colleagues with RingCentral App Telephony. See RingCentral App - Telephony Overview to learn more.
• Start Video Meeting - Click to start a video meeting with RingCentral Meetings. See RingCentral App - Start Video Meeting to learn more.
• Send New Message - Click to send a message to anyone in your company. A prompt will ask you to enter the name or email address of the recipient. You can also click Send Text to switch to sending a text.
• Send SMS - Click to send a text message. A prompt will ask you to enter the name or Phone number of the recipient. You can also click Send Direct Message to switch to sending a message.
• Create Team - Click to create a team. See RingCentral App - Teams and Groups Overview to learn more.
• Invite New User - Click to invite anyone to RingCentral App. See Adding People in Difference between Co-workers vs Guests.


Profile Picture for Settings

Click your Profile Picture to edit, set your Presence status or modify your Preferences. You can also launch @Mentions and other features when clicking this.  
RingCentral App Administrators will have a page for management.

 glip admin profile

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