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RingCentral App (Glip) - Sync Glip Calendar with Outlook

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SummaryThe RingCentral App's calendar can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook. This can be done by obtaining your calendar feed's URL then pasting it to Microsoft Outlook.

Sync RingCentral App (Glip) Calendar with Outlook

The RingCentral App's calendar feed allows you to display all of your events from the app, as well as (optionally) any tasks with due dates, in your Microsoft Outlook. To get your calendar feed, go to the Integrations page and click on Calendar in the Available Integrations section.

The unique URL associated with your feed will be displayed. You'll need to copy this URL so that you can later paste it into Outlook. The easiest way to do this is to right-click on the link and select Copy Link Address (or just click Copy Link if you're using Safari).

NOTE: These instructions apply to Outlook for Windows. At this time you are not able to add calendar subscriptions to Outlook for Mac.

1. In Outlook, click the Home tab on the Ribbon and under Manage Calendars click on Open Calendar > From Internet.

Open Calendar - From Internet

2. Paste the URL for your RingCentral App calendar feed into the form. After clicking OK, you will be asked to confirm the subscription.

Paste URL

3. Click the Yes button.

Click Yes.

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