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SummaryThis article provides information on configuring the Call Handling setting during after hours. After Hours is the time period when no one is available to take calls. You can decide how incoming calls will be handled after business hours in this section.

Set Up Call Handling | After Hours

NOTE: Only Account Administrators or a Call Queue Manager can set up and configure call queues.

This tab becomes available when Call Queue Hours is set to Specify hours. For more information, go to Updating a Call Queue's Hours and Regional Settings.

1. Access the Call Handling & Members section of a Call Queue group.

2. Click After Hours. Select any of the four options below.

after hours

• Play greeting and disconnect

Allows you to play a custom greeting before disconnecting the call. A custom greeting may be anything from an announcement telling the caller the business hours of the call queue to a simple announcement that the call queue is closed.

• Send callers to call queue voicemail

Sends calls to the voice mailbox of the call queue so they can leave a message. The voicemail can be retrieved later for proper processing.

• Unconditional forwarding

Forwards calls to a specified telephone number.

IMPORTANT: If you select Unconditional call forwarding, all calls during After Hours will be forwarded to a number you specify; this will override all other after-hours settings, such as voicemail and greetings.

• Connect to extension

Connects the calls to a designated extension so the owner of that extension can take the call after business hours.

1. Select Connect to extension from the drop-down list.

2. Click Select Extension and choose the extension where you want the calls to be forwarded to. 

3. Click Done.


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