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RingCentral Limited Extension | Set up a Limited Extension

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SummaryRingCentral limited extension is an extension offered with a lower price and a limited feature set compared to a full extension. Follow the steps below to set up a limited extension.


Set up a Limited Extension

NOTE: Before proceeding with the steps below make sure that you are already logged in to your RingCentral Account as an Administrator. See Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account for more information.


1. On the the Admin Portal, go to Phone System, then click Group(s) / Other(s).

2. Click the Others tab, then click on the Limited Extension that needs to be set up.

NOTE: If you are logged in using the Limited Extension's credentials, click Settings.

If you are logged in using the Limited Extension credentials, click Settings.

3. The following tabs are available on the Limited Extension's Settings:

Limited Extension Details
Phone & Numbers
Outbound Caller ID

Limited Extension Details

1. **Extension Number - to change, enter any unused number between 1-999999, except Reserved Numbers.
2. Extension Name - the name of User.
3. Record Extension Name - Use this option to ensure the name is pronounced correctly by the system operator. You can spell it out the it sounds, or you can record the name in your own voice and use it for announcements instead.
4. Company Name - Name of the company the User is affiliated with.
5. Contact Phone - used to contact you if RingCentral needs to verify your identity.
6. Email - User's email address. All important emails from RingCentral (security notices) will be sent to this address.
7. International Calling allowed - tick the box to enable outbound international calls for this extension.
8. Extension Password - Click to change the Password, PIN or Security Question.
9. Regional Settings - Time zone. The regional settings and time zone you set for the Limited extension will sync with the assigned deskphone. For more information, go to Polycom Phones - Set or Change Date and Time.
10. **Status - used to Disable or Delete the extension. The extension needs to be disabled first before the Administrator can delete.

The following settings can be changed in the Limited Extension's Info. Click Save after changing the settings.

IMPORTANT: Some settings are only visible if logged in as the Account Administrator (**Account Administrator access only).


Phone & Numbers

Click Phones & Numbers to view the phone numbers and devices assigned to the Limited Extension.

1. Numbers - Account Administrators can click this tab to view numbers. Also in this tab is the button to add a Direct Number to the Limited Extension.

2. Phone Details - Limited Extension Users and Account Administrators can click on this tab to view the phones linked to the extension and/or edit the Phone Details.



Account Administrators can update and customize the Limited Extension's announcement. The unavailable announcement is played if a call is unanswered after 20 seconds. To customize the Limited Extension's Unavailable Greeting, follow the steps below:

NOTE: This section can only be accessed by logging in as an Administrator on the account.


1. Click Announcement, and then click Unavailable Greeting.
The Default Unavailable Greeting says "I'm sorry. No one is available to take your call. Thank you for calling. Goodbye!"

2. To change or customize the Limited Extension's Unavailable Greeting, click Custom

Outbound Caller ID

1. Decide what phone number you want to display as the Caller ID number for outgoing calls from the device assigned to the Limited Extension.

NOTE: If you select a Toll-Free number or Blocked as your Default Caller ID for any of your endpoints/calling features, you have to select an alternate Caller ID to use in case the number you are calling does not accept calls from an unknown or Toll-Free number.

2. Enable Display my extension number for internal calls if you want to display your extension as your Caller ID when making internal calls. All RingCentral and IP phones will see the extension. Calls forwarded to external phones, like a mobile phone, will still show your complete direct phone number.

3. Click the Save button to apply the changes. 

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