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RingCentral Limited Extension | Activate a Limited Extension

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SummaryRingCentral limited extension is an extension offered with a lower price and a limited feature set compared to a full extension. Follow the steps below to activate a limited extension.



Activate a Limited Extension

To activate your Limited Extension, check your inbox and look for RingCentral's Welcome Email (From: support@ringcentral.com). The Welcome Email should contain an Activation Link that will allow you to set up the Limited Extension's Password, PIN and Security Question. 

1. Click on the Activation Link found in the Welcome Email. 

2. The Activation Link will open a tab in your browser for the Limited Extension's Express Setup. The Express Setup screen will ask you to configure the following: 



PasswordPassword Criteria:
The Password is used to log in to the Limited Extension's online account• At least one letter (latin character)
• At least one number (0-9)
• Non-sequential, Non-repeating
• No account information
• One uppercase letter or special character (!,@,$,#)
• Length 8-32 characters



PINPin Criteria:
The PIN is used to check your voicemail messages over the phone• Only digits
• Non-repeating
• Non-sequential
• Length 6-10 digits


Security Question

Security QuestionAnswer Criteria

The Security Question and Answer is used to identify your account when contacting customer service.

• Five (5) or more characters


3. When done activating, you will then be directed to your Limited Extension Online account.


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