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Difference between RingCentral Contact Center and RingCentral Office

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SummaryThis article compares which needs are addressed by RingCentral Contact Center and RingCentral Office. Click on the links below to learn more about RingCentral Contact Center and RingCentral Office features.

What is RingCentral Contact Center?

RingCentral Contact Center omnichannel solution lets customers contact your company on the communication channel of their choice while giving agents ready access to the data needed to solve problems quickly and efficiently. With powerful administrative tools and a simple drag-and-drop development environment, RingCentral Contact Center offers different products and plans that dramatically improve the overall call center experience.

RingCentral Contact Center product page: https://www.ringcentral.com/contact-center/overview.html

What is RingCentral Office?

RingCentral Office gives your business everything you need to streamline your operations with unified communications. With a cloud-based phone system, you can configure multi-level IVRs and custom call queues and departments. Empower your employees to work anywhere with their own devices using RingCentral Desktop apps, mobile apps. RingCentral Office connects your office, remote and mobile employees under one phone system, regardless of their location.

RingCentral Office product pagehttps://www.ringcentral.com/office/how-it-works.html

Should I get RingCentral Contact Center or RingCentral Office?

Feature and functionality comparison: https://netstorage.ringcentral.com/datasheets/cc_breadth_customer_engagement.pdf

Get RingCentral Contact Center if you need solutions to manage your Call Center's communication and analytics needs.

• Smart routing and communication tools for your call center.
• Advanced call center analytics and workforce management capabilities.

RingCentral Contact Center Plans and pricing

Get RingCentral Office if you need a replacement for your company's traditional PBX phone system and want to move to a cloud-based unified communications solution.

• Unified communications for your company's different departments and different locations.
• Ability to communicate on the company platform using your personal device.

RingCentral Office Plans and pricing 

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