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RingCentral Meetings, Rooms and Webinars | August 2018 Updates

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SummaryAugust 2018 Updates for RingCentral Meetings, Rooms and Webinars


August 2018 Release Updates 

RingCentral Meetings
RingCentral Rooms
RingCentral Webinars


RingCentral Meetings

New Features
Upcoming meeting pop-up 
Upcoming Events report | Online Account 
Remote Support Report | Online Account 
Kubi integration for iPad 
Join meetings on a web browser 
Minimize app to notifications tray | Windows 
Change preferred language | Mac 
Breakout Rooms | Co-hosts can add/moderate 
Add Global Dial-in Countries 
New Device Support 
Desktop | View Side-by-side mode 
Share Screen | iOS device connected to Mac via Cable

Host Controls
Automatically Start / Stop scheduled meetings
Control chat access
Sort participants to highlight unmuted 
Spotlight video 
Host Controls for Mobile 
Highlight participants who are external or using an older version 
Mute participants on entry

Participant Controls
Participant Controls (Overview)
Pin video 
Remain muted 
Participant Controls for Mobile 
Non-verbal feedback 
Use Video filter

Meetings Recording
Record audio for individual speakers 
Record thumbnails when sharing
Record video only 

Mobile Updates
Safe Driving Mode | Mobile 
Access settings menu while signed out 
User 3rd party audio option 
iOS | Direct screen share 
iOS | Sync meeting from iOS calendar 


RingCentral Rooms

New Features
Digital Signage 
Hide Sensitive Information, Host and Meeting ID 
Use passcode to exit a Room
Multiple MXL USB microphone support 
New Device Support 
Power ON / OFF CEC TVs via iPad Controller 
Schedule and Book a Room from 2nd iPad 
Switch to specific active camera 

Calendar Integration Updates
Calendar Integration | Manage via Online Account
Adding Google Calendar 
Adding Microsoft Exchange 2007 
Adding Microsoft Exchange 2010 
Adding Microsoft Exchange 2013 / 2016 
Adding Microsoft Office 365 
Adding a Room (No calendar integration) 


RingCentral Webinars

New Features
Add Global Dial-in Countries 
Use Video filter 
Chat with all panelists and attendees 
Conduct Polls | Co-hosts 
Don't Connect to Audio | Attendees 
Host Control | Initiate private chat 
See same video layout as host | Mobile 
Webinar Settings | Email Templates 
Show elapsed time


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