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SummaryThis articles provides information about the template settings. Templates allow Account Administrators to implement a set of configuration to multiple users at once through the RingCentral Online account, reducing repetitive actions by applying same settings to a group of users.

NOTE: Your settings will override any configuration the affected users might have previously done.

User Templates - Template Settings


The following Template settings can be customized and are divided into 2 tabs: Inbound and Outbound. Click on links below to learn more.

Template InformationLets you edit the Template name, and view when it was created and last modified.
User DetailsAllows you to customize the following:
Regional SettingsSet the time zone, time format, and home country for the user/s.
RolesSet Roles and Permissions for users or departments in your company.
User HoursSet user hours to 24 hours or Specify hours.
User GroupsA grouping of Users based on their organization hierarchy. A User Group would have a Group Manager, who have access to modify group member's settings and view their call logs.
Emergency AddressProvide a physical address for First Responders.
Bandwidth SettingsAllows you to change the bandwidth usage of a desk phone or for the RingCentral Phone for better call quality. You can switch between High and Low. High Bandwidth gives you better sound quality but calls can become choppy when it is not available. Low Bandwidth gives you lower sound quality but ensures no interruptions during your conversation.
Receive communications from RingCentralTurn on this option if you want to receive information on product education, training materials, etc. from RingCentral.
Screening, Greeting & Hold MusicUser GreetingTurn on this option when you want the system to answer the call with a recorded welcome message so callers know they've reached the right person. This is not a personal voicemail announcement.
Connecting MessageSet the default message or create a custom message for callers to hear while the call is being connected.
Hold MusicTurn hold music on or off and choose from 16 musical styles.
Call ScreeningTurn on this option when you want callers to announce their name before continuing to connect the call. This option lets you identify the caller so you can pick up the call immediately. After enabling this option, check Admin: Configure a User's Incoming Call Information for more information on how to set your preferences.
Audio While ConnectingSelect the music or ringtone callers will hear while connecting.
Call Handling & ForwardingDesktop Apps & SmartphonesEnable this feature to notify your RingCentral Phone and smartphones before forwarding the incoming call to your desk phones and forwarding numbers.
Incoming Call InformationChoose which information will be displayed for incoming calls, and on which phones the information will be shown. Set the announcement before connecting Direct calls and Call Queue calls.
Messages & NotificationsTake MessagesAllow or deny users to take voicemail messages.
Voicemail GreetingSelect the default or create a custom voicemail greeting.
NotificationsChoose how you want to be notified about voicemail messages, missed calls, fax transmission results and received text messages
Caller IDChoose the phone number to display as your outbound caller ID for each type of outgoing call. Different Caller IDs may be set when making calls using RingOut, RingMe, Call Flip, and Fax.
Fax SettingsCover Page InfoLets you customize the information that will be printed out on your fax cover page.
Faxes Sent via EmailIf this option is selected, when you send a fax via email with a subject line the cover page will be used. If you send it without a subject line a cover page will not be used.

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