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SummaryThis articles provides information on how to modify existing templates. Templates allow Account Administrators to implement a set of configuration to multiple users at once through the RingCentral Online account, reducing repetitive actions by applying same settings to a group of users.

NOTE: Your settings will override any configuration the affected users might have previously done.


User Templates - Modify Existing Template


1. Select the Template that needs to be modified in the Templates section.

Select the Template that needs to be modified in the Templates section.


2. Click the Outbound tab if the Template setting that needs to be configured is not in the Inbound tab. Otherwise, stay on the Inbound tab. Refer to the table for more information about the settings in the Inbound and Outbound tabs.

3. Click on links below to learn more.

Template Information
Edit the Template Information
Edit the Regional settings
Configure the Roles settings
Configure the User Hours settings
Configure the User Groups settings
Edit the Emergency Address
Configure the Bandwidth settings
Receive Voicemail Messages about RingCentral Information
Configure the User Greeting settings
Configure the Connecting Message settings
Configure the Hold Music settings
Configure the Call Screening settings
Configure the Audio While Connecting settings
Configure the Desktop Apps & Smartphones settings
Configure the Incoming Call Information
Customize the Voicemail Greeting
Configure Connect directly to group 


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