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User Templates - Modify User Details

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SummaryThis articles provides information on how to edit the User Details of existing templates. Follow the steps below to change your template settings.

NOTE: Your settings will override any configuration the affected users might have previously done.


How to Modify the User Templates

1. Log in to your RingCentral Account.

2. Go to Users > select extension / profile to modify.

You can modify the following: 

User Details
Regional settings
User Hours settings
Schedule Meetings for Me
Confirmation Message
User groups

User Details

1. Go to User Details > General.

2. Modify the following field:

• Name

• Job Title

• Department

• Contact Phone - 
This is the number that will be used to verify the identity of the User. Tick the Publish in Company Directory if you want this to appear in the Company's Contact Directory.

• Mobile Phone - Tick the Publish in Company Directory if you want this to appear in the Company's Contact Directory.

• Status - Status change is initiated by the Administrator in order for a user to have access to the online account, make a call, or use mobile application. A Welcome email is sent to the User to activate the assigned extension.

• Email - Email is provided as an additional option to be used to log-in to the User's account.

• Record User Name - User name is recorded to make sure that the name is pronounced properly by the system operator. To record follow the steps below.

3. Once done making the change in this tab, click Save.


Edit the Regional Settings

1. Click Settings & Permission

2. Click Edit under Regional Settings.

3. Configure the following settings :

Time Zone

Time Format

Home Country Code

User Language

Greetings Language

Regional Format

4. Click Save.

Configure the User Hours settings

1. Click Edit under User Hours.

2. Select 24 hours / 7 days a week or Custom hours, then click Done.

NOTE: If you selected Custom hours, you need to set the working hours for the week. Click Copy to Weekdays if necessary.

3. Click Save.

Schedule Meetings for Me

1. Click Edit under Schedule Meetings for Me.

2. Tick the box beside the User that will be authorized to Schedule the Meeting.

NOTE: Make sure that the associated email to the authorizing account is a work email, otherwise update it under User Details

3. Click Save.

Confirmation Message

1. Click Edit under Confirmation Message.

NOTE: Enable Confirmation Message should be ticked to turn this setting on.

2. Click on the drop-down arrow in the box below Select Duration to choose the desired time to display the message. 

3. Click Save.


1. Click Edit under Roles.

2. Tick the preferred Role for the selected User. 

NOTE: Role will define the User's level of access to the available setting in an account. Examples: Super Admin or Manager

3. Click Save.


1. Click Appy under Template.

2. Tick the preferred template for the selected User. 

NOTE: There are two types of templates that can be applied, User Settings and Call handling template. Both templates can be applied by ticking All on top.

To notify the user about the template application, tick the Notify users about template application box. 

3. Click Apply Template to save the changes.

User Groups

1. Click Edit under User Groups.

NOTE: A User group is created to better organize Users according to accessibility or their position in the organization.

2. Tick the box of the preferred User group for the User.

3. Click Save.



1. Click Edit under Company.

2. Choose the site of the User by ticking on the correct location under the available site.

3. Click on Change Site to save the changes.



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