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User Hours - Set Hours of Operation and Time Zone  | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article provides information on how to change your User Hours of Operation and Time Zone. User Hours determine your business hours and can be configured through the RingCentral Online Account.

This article also assumes that you are already logged in to your RingCentral Online account, and on the Settings > User Details section.


How to set your Hours of Operation and Time Zone

You can set your Hours of Operation via User Hours  and Time Zone via Regional Settings (Time Zone). Follow the steps below to learn how.

User Hours

1. Click Edit under User Hours under User Details > Settings and Permissions.

user details - user hours

2. Set User Hours to any of the two options.

• 24 hours - Select if you want incoming calls handled the same way all the time, every day.

user details - user hours - 24

• Specify hours - Select if you want incoming calls handled differently when your business is open and when it's closed. 

select custom hours

3. Click Save.

Regional Settings (Time Zone)

1. Click Edit under Regional Settings.

click edituser details - regional hours

2. Set your preferred Time Zone and Time Format.

user details - regional hours - edit

3. Click Save.

NOTE: The hours of operation and time zone that you set on your user settings will sync with the deskphone or RingCentral Phone assigned to you. For more information, go to Polycom Phones - Set or Change Date and Time.

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