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SummaryThis article discusses how to upgrade the firmware of the Polycom Trio.

Disclaimer: RingCentral uses centralized provisioning servers to push firmware upgrades and configuration changes to the phones. The
software pushed using this method has been fully tested by the RingCentral Engineering team and is the best way to handle
phone provisioning. Using beta or custom software might have a different effect on your phone’s behavior and might even
cause the phone to be unusable. Please use caution when deploying custom firmware.


1. Access to the Polycom’s web admin console
2. Admin Credentials to the Phone; “Default password is “456” or empty.
3. Polycom Phone has internet connectivity

How to Manually Upgrade the Polycom Trio's Firmware

1. Locate the Polycom Trio’s IP Address - Go to Settings > Status > System Information > IP Address
2. Using a web browser, connect to the Trio’s web console based on the IP address you got in item 1. Ex. “https://192.168.x.x”
3. Accept Security Exceptions to continue to the Web Configuration Utility.
4. Login as Admin and Enter the password. Default is “456” or just leave it empty.
5. Navigate to “Settings” > “Provisioning Server”.
6. Delete the Server Address, Server User and Server Password and change the Server Type to FTP, click Save.

NOTE: At this point, the phone will default to Polycom’s firmware server to get upgrades.

7. Navigate to “Utilities” > “Software Upgrade”.
8. Click “Clear Upgrade Server” and accept the following message.
9. Click “Check for Updates” > Select the preferred Firmware Version from the dropdown > click Install.
10. Review and Accept the License Agreement. The phone will Reboot and Install the selected Firmware.


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