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SummaryThis article answers the frequently asked questions regarding RingCentral International Number feature.


International Numbers - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to receive a number after requesting one?
A: It takes an average of 7-10 business days to have purchased IVNs added to the account.  

Q: Can I select an area code for an International Number?
A: Yes

Q: I already own an International number. Can I transfer the numbers to my existing RingCentral account? and, will there be a fee?
A: Yes, you can transfer an existing Local Number to your RingCentral account with no charge. There will be a fee when you transfer your existing Toll-Free numbers, depending on the country.

Q: What is the monthly rate for an International Number?
A: Please check the Plans and Pricing page for more details.
For US Customers
For CA Customers

Q: What are the requirements when ordering an International Number?
A: The requirements are:
• Country and City where the International Number is requested
• Geo-code or Dial-in Number code for the new International Number
• Address in the country where the International Number is requested
• Proof of Address (in the country where the International Number is requested), as applicable
• Letter of Intended Use, as applicable
• Business License Number or Passport Number (as applicable)

Q: What countries are supported?
A: Click here for a list of International Number supported countries

Q: How can I get an International Number?
A: You can call RingCentral Sales at 1-877-323-8684.

Q: Can I remove an International Number from my account if I no longer need it?
A: Yes, you can simply delete the number from your account. The number will be returned to RingCentral and the billing will be adjusted accordingly.


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