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SummaryThis article provides the steps on how to enable, disable, or delete a user.


How to Enable, Disable, and or Delete a User?

Possible scenarios when to disable or delete a user/ extension:

• Enable a newly added user.
• Enable a previously disabled user.
• Account Administrator would want to disable a User's access temporarily (employee goes on vacation or when employee leaves the company). 
• Delete a disabled user that will no longer be in use.

How to enable Users?
How to disable Users?
Delete Users
What happens after the User is deleted

How to enable Users?

You will know that a User is disabled when it shows a Red X User-added image on its Status. To enable a disabled User, click Enable. When the User is enabled, it should show a Green Check User-added image on its status.

User-added image

How to disable Users?

Account Administrators can temporarily disable a User's access, if an employee goes on vacation or if an employee is leaving the company.

You can also permanently delete a User.

NOTE: Disabled Users will not be able to make and receive calls, access their account online or use mobile applications.


2. Go to Admin Portal, and then click Users.

3. On the User list, click or search for the user you want to disable.

4. Click the Disable on the user you want to disable.

User-added image

5. A confirmation window will appear, click Yes to proceed.


Delete Users

1. You must first Disable the User that you wish to delete.

2. Click the Delete button on the user you want to delete.
3. A confirmation window will appear, click Yes to proceed.

What happens after the User is deleted

The tables below show what happen to the numbers assigned to the User after the User is deleted.
• Direct Line
• DigitalLine (DID)

Direct Line

How to tell what kind of line it is
The line shows up under Phones & Numbers > Numbers.

direct line
What happen after the extension is deleted
It will go to Phone System > Phone Numbers > Company, and will be forwarded to the auto-receptionist, until re-assigned.

direct line deleted

DigitalLine (DID)

How to tell what kind of line it is
The line shows up under Phones & Numbers > Phones.

digital line
What happen after the extension is deleted
DIDs and their associated phones will go to Users > Unassigned Extensions. The calls will get a message that "No one is available to take your call," and hang up.

direct line deleted

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