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On-Demand Call Recordings - Download and Listen | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article provides information on how to access, download, and listen to On-demand call recordings. Call recordings can be downloaded from your RingCentral Online account. There are two kinds of call recordings you can save from your Online account.

On-Demand Call Recording is enabled by default and is initialized by pressing the *9 touch tone command and can be ended any time during the call by pressing the same command (*9). On the other hand, Automatic Call Recording is disabled by default and can be enabled for one or more user extensions for inbound or outbound calls.


On-Demand Recordings - Download and Listen


IMPORTANT: Certain laws require that your callers hear a call-recording notification before and after a call is recorded. As an Administrator, you need to make sure your company's call recording procedures comply with all applicable laws and regulations. RingCentral is not responsible for your company's compliance.

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How to Access
How to Listen
How to Download

QUICK TIP: To access, download, and listen to Automatic Call Recordings, click this link.

To learn how to enable, disable, and configure your RingCentral account's Call Recording settings, go to Configuring the Call Recording Settings on your RingCentral account.

Accessing On-demand Call Recordings

NOTE: On-Demand Call Recordings can be viewed in the Call Log section of your account.

• Administrators

Click Admin Portal, then click My Extension
Click Admin Portal, then click My Extension.

Click Messages.

Click Messages.

• Users

Click Messages.

Click Messages.

3. Click Recordings.

Click Recordings.

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Listening to On-Demand Call Recordings

1. Access the Recordings tab under the Messages section of your account

2. Click the Play button  Play button to listen to an on-demand call's recording.

Click the Play button to listen to an on-demand call's recording.

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Downloading On-Demand Call Recordings

After you have viewed On-Demand Call Recordings, you can download these by following the steps below:

1. Click the Download link to save the on-demand call recording.

Click the Download link to save the on-demand call recording.

2. Save the file on your computer. 


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