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User Groups - Create via RingCentral Online Account

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SummaryThis article provides information on how Administrators can create User groups and assign who gets to manage the group. They control who gets access to view or create User groups.


User Groups - Create via RingCentral Online Account

Creating a User group involves adding members to the group and assigning a Group manager who can modify the members' settings and view their Call Logs and Reports. The User Groups option in Templates can help simplify the assignment of Users to User groups. 

IMPORTANT: The Group manager must have at least a User Admin role and permission to access the group manager interface. You may review User Roles and Permissions for more information.

Follow the steps below to create a User group:
2. Go to Users > User Groups.

User-added image
3. If you are creating a User group for the first time, click Create.

Click Create.

Otherwise, click New Group.

User-added image

4. Provide a name and description to your User Group. Click Next to proceed.

User-added image

5. Tick the box beside the Users that you want to add as group members.

User-added image

6. Select the Group Manager from the added members.

User-added image

Click Done.

IMPORTANT: The selected Group manager must at least have a User Admin role and permission or a custom User role that would allow him/her to access and modify the group members' settings. Review the User role settings on the Online account.


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