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SummaryThis article answers frequently asked questions regarding RingCentral's User Group feature.


User Groups - Frequently Asked Questions


1. How many managers can there be per group

Current functionality only supports 1 manager per group.

2. Can we have nested groups?

At this time only a flat structure is supported. If a manager has two team managers (and their team members) reporting to the manager, we’ll need to create 3 User groups. Each team manager will have their own and the overall manager could manage a group with everyone in there.

3. Do I need to update roles/permissions for the User group manager?

No. When a user is assigned to be a User group manager, the user automatically inherits some permissions. This is done by way of a secondary role that is in effect in the background & can’t be modified by the admin. This works in conjunction with the role assigned to the user in the user administration section.

4. Which role wins?  If the primary role has more permissions than the group manager role, what happens?

User’s permissions are a union of both roles. You must ensure that the primary role has just the right permissions so that user access is controlled when the user is given User group manager access.

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