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SummaryIf your Cisco phone displays Initializing Network, it means it is attempting to acquire an IP address from either your switch or modem. If this message appears on the display persistently, then it indicates your phone is unable to get an IP address from your network. This problem can be resolved by restarting devices connected to your network, and by checking your phone's physical connections. 

Resolve "Initializing Network" Connectivity Issue | Cisco Phones

1. Check the physical connection. 

• Physical connections include power cable and Ethernet connectivity. Ensure that the cables are snugly fit into the correct ports on the Cisco Phone and on the router. Also, check if the wires are not broken on both ends. 
• On the Router / modem / switch, the Ethernet cable should be connected to the Ethernet ports.
• On the Cisco phone, the Ethernet cable should be connected to the SW port.

2. Restart your network devices.

• Unplug the power cable from your network devices (modem, router, switch, and phone).
• Plug the power back in the proper order, starting from the device closest to the wall.

modem > router > switch > phone 


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