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SummaryThis article provides information about the predefined user roles.

What are the predefined user roles

There are 7 predefined roles — those with a built-in set of permissions that can be readily assigned by Administrators. These roles are available to all RingCentral Office customers. Permissions granted to these roles cannot be modified.

NOTE: Standard (International) is assigned to new Users by default unless a different role has been set as default.

To view the predefined roles, log in to the RingCentral Online account, then go to Admin Portal > User > Roles.

Super AdminFull system access. On Initial setup, only the Super Admin can make changes to Roles and Permissions.
Phone System AdminFull phone system access plus Standard International.
Billing AdminBilling functions plus Standard International and Manager functions.
User AdminUser management functions for all Users plus Standard International along with Groups access.
ManagerCompany reporting functionality plus Standard International.
Standard (International)User level access with international dialling access. This is the default role assigned to new Users. 
StandardUser level access without international dialling access. 

Check the following to learn how you can assign roles to User/s.

User Roles and Permissions - Assign a Role to One User 
User Roles and Permissions - Assign a Role to Multiple Users

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