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SummaryThis article contains steps for adding or ordering a new hot desking phone (common phone). Hot Desking or a Common phone allows RingCentral Users to log in to a shared desk phone.


How to order a new "hot desking" phone 


1. Log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral Online Account.

2. Select Phone System, then click Phones & Devices.

3. Click on Common Area Phones, and then click Add Device

4. Select the phone that you want to purchase as a Hot Desk / Common phone, click Add to Cart. 

5. Specify the number of phones that you want to order under QTY, and then click Next. Maximum of 50 devices per order.

6. Set the Emergency Address for the Hot Desk / Common phone. You can either select the Emergency Address from the drop-down list or click the New button to enter the correct address.

IMPORTANT: The Emergency Address must be the physical address at which your device is located. This address will be used in the event of an emergency call (911 in United States and Canada, 999/112 in United Kingdom, and other Emergency Call Services applicable in other countries).

7. After setting the correct Emergency Address, select the device where the address will be applied, and then click on Assign to Selected. Click Next.

8. Select the Shipping Address. You can either select a Shipping Address from the drop-down list or click New to button to enter the correct address.

9. After setting the correct Shipping Address, tick the box next to the device/s, and then click Create Shipping Group. Click Next.

10. You will see the Summary of your order which includes the one time charge for the ordered device/s and its shipping fee; and other recurring charges for the taxes and other fees. Tick the box to acknowledge, accept and authorize the charges for the Hot Desk / common phone, and then click Next.

11. Click Done

NOTE: The list Hot Desk phones / Common phones can be found under Phone System > Phones & Devices > Common Area Phones


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