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SummaryAs an Administrator, you can change user extension's phone. Follow the instructions below to change the assigned phone for a user extension.

1. Log In to your RingCentral Account as an Admin > Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Phones & Devices > Click the device you wish to modify. 

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2. On the Phone Details screen, click Change Phone.

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3. Select the applicable option to replace your device.

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• Order a new phone from RingCentral

We will ship you a new desktop IP desk phone if you select this option. Select the phone that you wish to order, and then fill out your emergency address and shipping details. 

NOTE: When your new phone arrives and is plugged in, your old phone will be marked as an unassigned phone and can later be assigned to another user.

• Existing RingCentral phone

Select this option if you already have a desktop IP phone that was purchased from RingCentral but is not currently in use. You can also choose a desktop IP phone that it is currently assigned to another user. Select the phone that you wish to use from the list of your Existig RingCentral phones, and then click Swap

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NOTE: You will see a pop-up window with a note that says that the phones must be rebooted for the changes to take effect. If the phones do not reboot automatically after clicking on Done, unplug the phone and then plug it back to reboot. 

• Phone not purchased from RingCentral

Select this option if you own a SIP phone that was not purchased from RingCentral. Fill out your emergency address, and then check if your phone's model is on the list to continue. For more information, see Provisioning Overview | Setup 3rd party/BYOD phones with RingCentral

• RingCentral for Desktop

Select this option if you prefer to use a desktop application for taking your calls. Download and install the RingCentral Desktop app, and then use the phone number listed on the pop-up window for the log in. 

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