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RingCentral for Salesforce App - Set up Softphone Layout

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SummaryThis article provides information on how to set up softphone layout in RingCentral for SalesForce app. RingCentral for Salesforce provides seamless integration between Salesforce.com and your RingCentral services to enable improved customer retention, greater agent productivity, and advanced business processes.


RingCentral for Salesforce App - Set up Softphone Layout

Configuring the SoftPhone Layouts involves the following steps to enable specific feature behaviors:

Setting up a SoftPhone Layout
Assigning the SoftPhone Layout to Users 

Setting up a SoftPhone Layout 

1. From the left-hand side menu, under Setup, use Quick Find to search for SoftPhone Layouts, and then click on SoftPhone Layouts.

2. Click New.

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3. In the Name field, type RingCentral SoftPhone Layout, then select the Is Default Layout checkbox to make it the default layout for all Users.

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4. Scroll down and configure the following Screen Pop Settings — click Edit to expand the options for each setting.

• Screen pops open within - Choose whether you prefer screen pops to appear in a new window or to overwrite the existing Salesforce.com window when a new call arrives.

• No matching records - Select Pop to New if you prefer a new record to be created if there is no match on an inbound call. Click the drop-down box across Pop to New to select the appropriate object you want to be created when there is an incoming call from a number that does not match any existing record.

• Single-matching record - Select Pop detail page.

• Multiple-matching records - Select Pop to search page.

NOTE: Open CTI for Lightning Experience does not support the softphone layout field Screen pops open within when the value is New browser window or tab. In Lightning Experience, the default value is Existing browser window. More information is available from the Open CTI Developer Guide.

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5. Click the Save button at the top.

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Assigning the SoftPhone Layout to Users

Click SoftPhone Layout Assignment to assign the newly created layout to relevant profiles.

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