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RingCentral for Salesforce App - Access Admin UI

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SummaryThis article provides information on how to access the AdminUI.

The AdminUI is a VisualForce page created for you to do organization-wide settings for your RingCentral for Lightning app as Account administrator.


RingCentral for Salesforce App - Access the Admin UI


The AdminUI page is accessible via the URL: /apex/rcsfl__adminUI999.

For example, if your Salesforce instance home page is https://ap2.salesforce.com/home/home.jsp your AdminUI URL would be https://ap2.salesforce.com/apex/rcsfl__adminUI999

After you enter the URL, you will be prompted to press Initialize to go to the AdminUI.

Click on links below to learn more about the Admin UI:

Cloud Phone Settings
Person Account Settings 

Cloud Phone Settings

You can access the following on the Cloud Phone Settings page:

Admin UI

 Auto Save Call Log Setting 

This section allows you to further define the Pop Settings you have previously made in Setup Home > Softphone Layout. It lets you set the screen pop whether to pop a matching Salesforce entity record when an inbound call is ringing or when the call gets answered.

Check Auto create call log on to automatically create a call log, then set when it will be logged. Otherwise, leave it unchecked. This setting overrides the User's current settings on the app's Settings page.

 Associate Call Log with Person Account

This section is hidden by default and can only be viewed when enabled by Salesforce Support. You are required to be a Salesforce partner to open a case requesting Salesforce Support to enable the Person Account. You need to provide the Salesforce Organization ID as the Organization ID which can be found by going to Settings > Company Information.

 Log Customization

This section lets you add or remove call log fields by using the left/right arrows and also lets you set the order of the selected call log fields by using the up/down arrows. Click Save once settings are set. The call log UI of the RingCentral for Salesforce app should render these fields in the exact order they are listed in the Selected Fields box.

NOTE: The following field types are supported in Call Log: Lookup Relationship, Date, Date/Time, Picklist, Text, and Text Area.


Person Account Settings

In order to view the Associate Call Log with Person Account section under Cloud Phone Settings, the Person Account needs to be enabled by Salesforce Support. The Salesforce Organization ID needs to be provided when opening a case. This information can be accessed by going to Setup > Company Profile > Company Information as shown below.

User-added image


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