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RingCentral Phone Mobile (iOS) - Contacts | Delete Cloud Contacts

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SummaryCloud contacts can deleted right from the RingCentral Phone Mobile App.

Delete Cloud Contacts on your RingCentral Phone Mobile (iOS)

Personal Contacts can be added to your RingCentral Phone Mobile App, making it more convenient to call people in your personal network. Personal Contacts added through your RingCentral Phone Desktop and RingCentral Online account will show in the Contacts section of your RingCentral Phone Mobile App as Cloud Contacts

NOTE: When a contact is deleted from the RingCentral Cloud, the contact's name will still be displayed on your Mobile app's Personal Contacts list, but will not be shown on your RingCentral online account's Personal Contacts section.

1. Access your Contacts on the RingCentral Phone Mobile App.

2. Tap All Contacts, then tap Personal Contacts.

Go to Step 3 if you are currently on your Personal Contacts view.

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3. Tap the name of the Contact that needs to be deleted.

4. Scroll down then tap Delete Contact.

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