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RingCentral Phone - Activate Plantronics headset

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SummaryHow to activate Plantronics headset in RingCentral Phone

RingCental Phone automatically detects your Plantronics headset when you connect your headset via your computer's USB port. Click Yes to activate.

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Integrate the Plantronics HUB with the RingCentral Phone by following these steps:

1. Connect your Plantronics Headset on your computer's USB port or via Bluetooth dongle. 
2. Log in to your RingCentral Phone
3. Click Settings.


4. Go to Sound and toggle the button to enable Plantronics Headset.

NOTE:  You may click the Learn more about using your headset link, for more information regarding Plantronics headsets and their compatibility with RingCentral Phone.

rc desktop-sound plantronics

If this attempt is successful, you may start using your Plantronics Headset hardware keys for call management.
If this attempt has failed, RingCentral Phone will display an error message:

plantronics disabled

 Please check RingCentral Phone - Plantronics Integration Disabled to learn more.

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