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RingCentral for Outlook - Text Message

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SummaryThis article provides information on how to view messages and conversations using RingCentral for Outlook. RingCentral for Outlook provides seamless integration between your Microsoft Outlook and your RingCentral services. Improve your productivity by minimizing the number of applications you use to get everyday tasks done: calling, texting, and setting up meetings.


RingCentral for Outlook - Text Message


Text Message

When you see a list of messages, the list displays the most recent message if the message is part of a conversation. 

To view your text message conversation, click on the name or number that appears on the message.

RC for Outlook - Messages - Text message Display


Message Conversation

Once you are on the conversation screen, you will see messages that are part of this conversation. The messages are sorted by the time they arrived or were sent. Newer messages are displayed at the bottom. 

RC for Outlook - Messages - Text message view

You can send a new message as part of this conversation by typing in the text box and by pressing the “Send” button, or by hitting the Enter key. 

The Back RC for Outlook - Messages - Text message view - Back button button will navigate you back to the message list.



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