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SummaryAfter an administrator creates a call queue, the call queue manager receives a welcome email from support@ringcentral.com that contains a link to activate and set up the call queue. Follow these steps to activate the call queue as the call queue manager.

Call Queue - Activate Call Queue

NOTE: You must be the call queue manager to perform these steps.

1. After creating the Call Queue Group, Open the welcome email and click the link to begin setup.

QUICK TIP: If you did not receive a welcome email, the administrator can resend the welcome email by logging in to their account, going to Phone System > Groups > Call Queues and clicking on Resend Invite beside the call queue.

2. Create a Password for the Call Queue group, and then click Continue. The Password is used to login to the Call Queue group's online account. 

Password Criteria

• At least one letter (Latin character)
• At least one number (0-9)
• Non-sequential, Non-repeating
• No account information
• One uppercase letter or special character (!,@,$,#)
• Length 8-32 characters

3. Create a PIN for the Call Queue group, and then click Continue. The PIN is used to check your voicemail messages over the phone

Pin Criteria

• Only digits
• Non-repeating
• Non-sequential
• Length 6-10 digits

4. Select the Security Question and Answer for the Call Queue group, and then click Continue. The Security Question and Answer is used to identify your account when contacting customer service.

5. You will be logged in automatically to the Call Queue group's Online account.

NOTE: You will not be able to receive and make outbound calls while logged in as the Call Queue on the RingCentral Phone App.

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