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RingCentral for Outlook - Troubleshooting Guide

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SummaryThis article provides information on how to troubleshoot RingCentral for Outlook. RingCentral for Outlook provides seamless integration between your Microsoft Outlook and your RingCentral services. Improve your productivity by minimizing the number of applications you use to get everyday tasks done: calling, texting, and setting up meetings.


RingCentral for Outlook - Troubleshooting Guide

1. I can’t see RingCentral for Outlook when I open Outlook. What is the problem? Does it require some special permission?

No, RingCentral for Outlook does not require any special permission. Make sure RingCentral for Outlook is installed correctly and is enabled — you can see this by going to the Outlook menu, and then to Outlook Options > Add Ins. Also make sure RingCentral Outlook Add In is checked.

2. How do I disable this feature for now?

Go to Windows Control Panel and Uninstall the RingCentral for Outlook.

3. Which Operating Systems are supported?

A: The following Operating Systems are supported: Windows 7, 8 and above. 

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