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SummaryPulse for Contact Center, supervisors and managers may get notifications anytime anywhere. Pulse is a perfect supplement to existing Contact Center reporting and monitoring capabilities. This article describes how to manage your Pulse Alerts.

Pulse - Manage Alerts

Open https://pulse.ringcentral.com and enter your RingCentral credentials. If you are a Contact Center user and your RingCentral account is authorized to use Pulse, you will get the main page where Alerts are listed. Otherwise you will have to pass a Pulse enabling procedure. 

Your Alerts are listed on the main page. 

Here you can:
● Create new Alert.
● Edit an existing Alert.
● Clone an Alert.
● Activate/Deactivate an Alert.

Each Alert indication consists of:
● An Alert name.
● Glip teams to which that Alert is assigned.
● Time when Pulse requested the Contact Center data to check conditions.
● Time when an Alert configuration was modified the last time.

Alert activation by toggle control enables the Alert so that Pulse would request and process Contact Center data according to the Alert conditions. Alerts may be activated only if you are authorized to Contact Center and the Alert is assigned to a Glip team that you are a member of.

To view other Pulse topics, go to: Pulse - Overview | RingCentral Contact Center.

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