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SummaryPulse for Contact Center, supervisors and managers may get notifications anytime anywhere. Pulse is a perfect supplement to existing Contact Center reporting and monitoring capabilities. This article describes the steps on how to detect with Contact Alert if the contact waits too long in skill queue.

Pulse - Detect Contact Alert

If you worked with the Contact List Widget in Contact Center Central you may find useful  the “Active Contact Snapshot” Alert that is based on the same data elements.

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If you want to receive instant messages when the contact stays in a specific state longer than expected you may specify rules to trigger an Alert. An Alert may provide better insight on the contact than the similar widget in Contact Center Central since it can be supplemented by additional context data elements.

In this example Pulse monitors the contacts that are waiting in “Renewal Services” longer than one minute.

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To get additional information on the contact that waits too long in the Skill Queue you may want to specify additional data elements at the “What to show” tab: Time when “Contact started at”, “Contact Total Duration”, “Campaign”, “Contact State”, “Contact State Duration” to indicate how long contact is InQueue state, and “Skill Name”.

At the “How often” tab you may specify an Alert Interval of 30 seconds to get information on an outlier as soon as possible. Since the contact may stay in the undesired state longer than one Alert request interval length of 30 seconds and you don’t want to get notifications on the same outlier more than once, it is recommended to select the “Notify me every time the Alert on the contact is met for the first time” option and check off the “Send notification when performance is restored” option to get notification when the contact is on track again.

An example of Glip notification when the Alert was triggered:

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