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SummaryPulse for Contact Center, supervisors and managers may get notifications anytime anywhere. Pulse is a perfect supplement to existing Contact Center reporting and monitoring capabilities. This article describes the steps to monitor the skill service level via Pulse notifications on glip.

Pulse - Monitor Skill Service Level

If you monitor Contact Center Service Level using the Contact Center Service Level widget you may find new Pulse capabilities are more convenient to get the same information in Glip. Using Glip Alerts notifications you may reassign working resources according to the current skills load to meet required SLA.

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You have to select the “Skills Historical Alert” type because it provides insight on both metrics completed Contacts SLA and current number of Agents in available and unavailable states. When the SLA drops you will be able to estimate available working resources and reassign them.

If you want to trigger an Alert when SLA drops below the SL goal for the specific Skill you should specify a corresponding condition at the “What to Monitor” tab. 

In the example below Contact Center data meets the condition when Service Level is less than 95% AND the Skill Name is “Support ATT 20 US” OR “Support T1 Contact Center”.

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At the “What To Show” tab you may add metrics that indicate the Agents number in specific states. These metrics will help you to evaluate available working resources and their utilization:

● Number of Available Agents
● Number of Unavailable Agents
● Number of Agents in ACW
● Number of Idle Agents
● Number of Working Agents

At the “How Often” tab you may specify an Alert Interval of 10 minutes and Monitor Interval of  15 minutes. It means that the SLA will be checked every 10 minutes and SLA value calculated for the last 15 minutes.

It is recommended to select the notification algorithm when an Alert is sent only if the SLA drops below the threshold and continues to degrade. It helps to avoid a flood of notifications on the same SLA level in the case of the lasting SLA drop.

An example below illustrates Alert notification sent to David Smith. The User is informed that during the last 15 minutes the Service Level dropped below 95% for “Support ATT 20 US” and “Support T1 Contact Center” Skills. 

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