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RingCentral App - Web and Desktop - Make Calls with Telephony

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SummaryRingCentral App is a real-time productivity service that allows you to make your team more productive by offering multiple solutions in one place. With RingCentral App Telephony, Users in your RingCentral Office account can use glip.com, RingCentral App Web and Desktop and Mobile for calls, voicemails and text messages. When enabled for the account, all Users in the account will be able to use the telephony functionality.

Follow the steps below to learn how to make calls with Telephony in glip.com or in RingCentral App Web and Desktop.


RingCentral App - Web and Desktop - Make Calls with Telephony


1. Launch the Telephony.
• Click the Plus (+) button beside your Profile Picture and select Start Phone Call.
• Click Phone on the left pane.

NOTE: Users who click the Phone tab for the first time will be prompted to confirm or set up an emergency or E911 address to place an outbound call.

2. Enter a name or number to call. This step will automatically connect you to the recipient.

glip make a call

You can also click on the Keypad button to enter the number to call.

QUICK TIP: Click the drop-down arrow, then select from the available numbers to change the Outbound Caller ID.

glip make a call with keypad

3. Click Call.

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