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RingCentral App - iOS - Manage Call Logs

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SummaryRingCentral App is a real-time productivity service that allows you to make your team more productive by offering multiple solutions in one place.

Follow the steps below to learn how to manage Call Logs in RingCentral App - iOS.


RingCentral App - iOS - Manage Call Logs

In your RingCentral App - iOS, tap Phone on the Dashboard to manage your call logs. From here you can check your All Calls, Missed, and Voicemail. You can also tap More > Fax to see your received, sent, draft and failed faxes.

rc app - mobile - phone


Manage Calls 

Tap the All Calls tab to see your inbound and outbound, as well as missed calls. You can also tap the Missed tab to just view your missed calls.

• You can just tap on a call log to call back the recipient.
Tap on the i icon beside the call log, and then tap Block Number to block the recipient. You can also tap textcall or fax (if unavailable) the recipient from this screen.


Manage Voicemails

Tap on the Voicemail tab to view all of your voicemails, and then tap on a voicemail log do to the following:

rc app - mobile - vm

• Tap Play to listen to the voicemail.
Tap the Speaker button to adjust the voicemail volume.
Tap the Message button to sent a message.
Tap the green Phone button to call the one who sent the voicemail.
Tap the Trash Bin button to delete the voicemail.
Tap the Flag button to mark the voicemail as important.
You can also tap the left and right arrow buttons to check the previous and next voicemails.


Manage Faxes

Tap More > Fax to see your received, sent, draft and failed faxes. From here you can see your All, Received, Sent, Draft, and Failed faxes.

rc app - mobile - fax

You can tap the All tab to view all types of faxes. You can also tap specific tabs respectively.
Tap the Plus button on the upper-right corner to send a New Fax.
Tap on a fax, whether from the All, Received, Sent or Draft tab, to view the contents of your fax.

rc app - mobile - view fax

• You can delete, forward or flag the fax. 
• You can also tap on the Recipient name to see recipient details of the fax. You can also tap Block Number to block the recipient from here.
Tap the Share icon to Forward as Fax. See RingCentral App - iOS - Forward as Fax to learn more.


Delete Call Logs

You will see the Trash Bin icon at the top from any call log tab. Tap it if you want to delete your call logs

rc app - mobile - phone delete selected

 You can tap Delete all to delete all call logs or tap on the radio-button beside each call log that you want to delete one by one.
Tap Delete all > Delete all to confirm deleting all or tap Delete > Delete Selected to delete selected call logs.
You can also Swipe left on the selected call log, and then tap Delete.

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