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Point of Contact (POC) - Create New for Inbound Phone | RingCentral Contact Center

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SummaryPoint of contact (POC) describes how an incoming contact interaction enters the system. The point of contact works side-by-side with both skills and Studio scripts to route contacts in the way you want them to be handled. This article describes how to create a new point of contact for an inbound phone.

Point of Contact (POC) - Create New for Inbound Phone

Required security profile permissionsPoints of Contact Create

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Required RingCentral Office Set-up: Local Number, Toll Free Number or International Virtual Number (IVN) set-up as CCRN.

1. In the ACD module, click Contact Settings > Point of Contact.

2. Click Create New and select Single Point of Contact.

3. For the Media Type field, select Phone.
NOTE:  Submit a case online or contact support to request the number added as “Cloud Connect POC” on the contact center platform if you don’t see the number on the dropdown list or if you see this error message: 

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4. Enter a value in the Name field.

5. For Point of Contact, select a DNIS from the drop-down list.

6. Select the skill you want to handle the calls routed through this point of contact.

7. Select the phone Script through which the calls from this point of contact should be routed.

8. (OPTIONAL) Select the IVR Reporting Enabled check box.

9. Click Create Point of Contact.


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