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Deskphones - Add a DigitalLine for your 3rd Party/BYOD phone | RingCentral

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SummaryThis article provides steps for adding a DigitalLine or phone number that will be assigned to your 3rd party of BYOD phone.

Deskphones - Add a DigitalLine for your 3rd Party/BYOD phone 


You must have Administrator access in order to proceed with the steps below. Access to add a DigitalLine or phone number is limited to the following Administrator roles:

• Super Admin
• Phone System Admin
• Custom Roles with access to Phone System > Phones & Devices 

1. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Phones & Devices.

2. Under the User Phones tab, click Add Device.

3. Select the location where the phone will be used (Domestic or International), and then click Next.

4. Click the name of the person/extension who will use the phone, and then click Next.

5. Under Other Phones, select Existing Phone, and then click Add to Cart.

User-added image

6. Click Next

7. Select a phone number and assign it to the phone that you are going to provision, then click Next.

8. Select from your list or enter a new Emergency Address, assign it to the Existing Phone, then click Next. Ensure that the Emergency Address matches the phone's actual location. 

9. Assign a shipping address to the Existing Phone, then click Next

10. The Confirmation page will show the current charge as well as the recurring charges, tax, charges and fees for this Additional RingCentral Service. Tick the box to acknowledge and accept the charges, then click Next

11. You can Print your Billing Statement or click Done to close the window. 


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