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SummaryYou can generate a report from RingCentral Analytics Portal using Company Numbers. The are also a number of Key Perfomance Indicators (KPIs) available for this report.

Company Numbers Report Overview

Company Numbers KPIs Overview
How to access Company Numbers Report 
Company Numbers Report Tabs

Company Numbers KPIs Overview

• The number or percentage of all inbound calls answered on a company number

• The number or percentage of all calls to a company number in which a Voicemail was left. 

• The number or percentage of all calls that were missed (includes Voicemail). 

• The total amount of handle time the user spent on the calls on a company number. Handle time is all live talk time and all hold time. 

• The average duration of a company number call, from answered until terminated. This includes live talking plus time on hold. 

• The number of calls placed on hold for the numbers selected, the average hold time, or the number of abandoned calls put on hold. 

• The number of calls transferred, parked (or answered from park), total park time and the number of calls abandoned while the caller was put on park.

How to access the Company Numbers Report

Go to Admin Portal > Analytics > Company Numbers.

Company Numbers

What are the Company Numbers Report Tabs?

The Company Numbers Report is composed of 2 tabs.

Company Numbers Tabs


This portion is composed of the KPIs, Trend, and the Company Numbers sections. The Numbers tab allows you to filter the report according to Company Numbers and Call Length.

KPIs section

This section lets you customize which metrics should be presented on the Trend section. Selected metrics appear as tabs that can be clicked.

Trend section

This part displays a graphical presentation of the selected data from the KPIs section. The selected metrics data is presented on an hourly basis. Click on a different metric from the KPIs section to switch to another graph.

Company Numbers section

This section displays a report with the following data: Company Number, the number of inbound, answered, missed calls, the average handle time, the number of holds, and the average hold time.


The Calls tab lets you search for calls, filter Company Numbers and Call Length. The search result will then display the following information:

• the callers' numbers
• the numbers called
• the result of the call
• the length of the call
• the handle time
• the call's start time
• the call's direction
• the number of queues the call went through
• the session map

See Analytics Portal - Create Company Numbers Report | RingCentral to learn how to create this report.

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