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Issue: Invite link does not open on Safari 12 | RingCentral Meetings

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SummaryThis article contains more information and workaround for issues in opening the RingCentral Meetings invite link in Safari 12.


How to resolve RingCentral Meetings invite link not opening on Safari 12



On September 24, 2018, Apple released an update to its Mac Operating System (OS 10.14 Mojave) that will impact some functionality of the RingCentral Meetings solution for Mac.



Clicking on the RingCentral Meetings invite link will open Safari (if Safari is set as your default browser).

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After updating your Safari browser to version 12 or your Mac OS to 10.14 Mojave, Safari (version 12) will download the RingCentral Meetings app instead of opening / launching the app. 

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These are the potential workarounds for this issue: 

1. Have RingCentral Meetings app running, then it will open the link correctly.

2. If your default browser is set to Safari, change your Mac's default browser to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Visit Mac Support for instructions.

3. Copy the invite link, and then paste the invite link on the browser URL bar in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

4. Copy the Meeting ID, and then use the RingCentral Meetings app to join the meeting. To download the RingCentral Meetings app, visit the RingCentral Downloads page

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