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SummaryWhy can’t I dial a specific country even though I have International Calling enabled?

How to Identify a Blocked International Calling Destination?


Some countries are considered blacklisted on RingCentral for fraud purposes. Meaning that you can only dial specific area codes in those countries. By default, customers are blocked from calling blacklisted destinations:

• High risk premium rate destinations within commonly called countries
• Countries that demonstrate more fraud traffic than good traffic

If you have International Calling enabled on your account but you are unable to dial a certain country, check to make sure that the area code/country is not blacklisted.

NOTE: You must belong to the Super Admin or Billing Admin pre-defined roles to perform the instructions below.


1. Log in to your RingCentral Online Account.

2. Click Billing

3. Click International Calling

click international calling

4. If the country has an exclamation point next to it then it is considered a blacklisted country with limited numbers to call.

blocked countries


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