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RingCentral Contact Center 18.7 Fall Release

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SummaryThis article describes the new features in the RingCentral Contact Center Fall Release (18.7). These features are subject to change between now and the final release date.


RingCentral Contact Center 18.7 Fall Release




WebRTC Softphone Implementation 
Agents will be able to use WebRTC for agent leg communication within Agent for Salesforce when using compatible browsers. Enabled in this release  –availability to follow
Open WFO Button Available with Performance Management Licensing
The Open WFO button will be available in Agent for Salesforce when you have a Performance Management license.


Automated System Warning/Disconnect Messaging to Visitor
Enabling the new system messaging option will send a warning response to the customer after a pre-determined countdown of inactivity, prompting the customer to respond. The chat will terminate after a pre-determined number of countdowns before sending a customizable disconnection message.



Wallboard — Current Agent State Counter 
An agent state counter module will be available for wallboards. The module will show the following agent states: available, inbound, outbound, and unavailable. 
Subscription — Unsubscribe Option on Email 
You will be able to unsubscribe from emailed reports by clicking an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. 
Coaching Templates 
You will be able to save a coaching session as a template for future use and assign the template directly to an agent as a coaching session. A template can contain information such as pre-built tasks, notes, and KPIs. 



Integrated Softphone Using New WebRTC Solution
The MAX integrated softphone will be updated to support a new WebRTC solution. At the time the release is deployed, MAX will continue to use the legacy WebRTC solution. The routing changes to utilize the new WebRTC solution will occur one cluster at a time. You will receive advanced notice about when your cluster will receive the update. Enabled in this release – availability to follow.
Custom Workspaces
You will be able to modify your business unit to specify up to three URLs that appear as custom workspaces for all agents in MAX. A section near the bottom of MAX will display up to three links that open the custom workspaces. The custom workspaces will load and open when the agent logs in to MAX. When an agent handles a phone call, the custom workspace in focus will be displayed below a special phone bar with the call control across the top. When an agent handles other contacts, the agent can choose to either focus on the contact or one of the custom workspaces.
Open WFO button available with Performance Management Licensing
The Open WFO button is now available in MAX when you have a Performance Management license.
Unavailable States Sorted Alphabetically
The unavailable states in the agent state drop-down will be sorted alphabetically.
Quick Replies Sorted Alphabetically
Quick replies for chat and email will be sorted alphabetically by title.

Productivity Report Will Contain State Details
The Productivity Report will display sub-states and how long the agent was in each one. For example, the agent will be able to see how much time was spent at lunch or on break in addition to the total time in any unavailable state.


IVR ASR Speech Engine Update
Users will have a minimum of six months to upgrade their Nuance Recognizer Engine to version 10.5. This process will include making changes to IVR scripts in Studio. The update will increase accuracy rates by up to 30% and provide Nuance support for version 10.5.


Execute Script With Agent Will Be Restored 
This feature will provide you with the ability to define by each answering machine attempt whether the agent is involved with the handling of the answering machine while executing the Studio script OnMachine branch (if defined).


CTI "DoNotRecord" Field
To assist with GDPR compliance, a new CTI field, "DoNotRecord," will be available for use with the QM Enterprise privacy control recording rules.
PCI Compliance
TLS 1.2 will be supported which allows QM Enterprise to be PCI compliant.


Data Restrictions
Existing restrictions will expand to limit all data displayed in the application depending on user access and visibility settings. For example, the Team A Supervisor will only be able to see information for Team A, such as skills to which the Supervisor has access, filters, and so forth.
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