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RingCentral for Google Calendar

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SummaryRingCentral for Google Calendar makes it very easy to schedule RingCentral meetings and Conference in Google Calendar natively. Users can transform their Google Calendar application, whether they are on their desktop, smartphone, or tablet into a powerful tool to schedule RingCentral Meetings and Conference calls.

Download RingCentral for Google Calendar from the G Suite Marketplace.
1. Search "RingCentral".
2. Select RingCentral for Google Calendar.

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3. Click Install and follow the on-screen instructions.

Schedule a RingCentral Meeting
1. Login to the RingCentral for Google extension to create a meeting.
2. Click on a specific date and time on your calendar.
3. Add Title and click on Add Meeting.

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4. Set your Preferred Settings. Click Schedule.

NOTE: Select "Save and do not show again" to set as custom settings.

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5. Set the event details (add location, add guests). Click Save.

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6. Scheduled meeting will appear on your calendar.

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